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Dorsett Shoals Wellness Committee


Dorsett Shoals Wellness Committee

Mission Statement: To improve the health, wellness, and fitness of the Dorsett Shoals Community.

About:  In the 2014-2015 school year, Dorsett Shoals Elementary School created its own Wellness Committee. The Wellness Committee’s mission is to improve the health, wellness, and fitness of the Dorsett Shoals community. Committee members include 6 students, 1 parent, 4 teachers, the school’s Principal, Food Service Manager, Health Monitor, and a Douglas County School System Health Services Coordinator. Dorsett Shoals received a $5,000 SHAPE grant in September 2014 and one of the grant requirements was to create a wellness committee at the school. The SHAPE grant initiative is a program that was developed under the leadership of Georgia Governor Nathan Deal. Georgia SHAPE is a network of partners, agencies and athletic teams—including the Atlanta Falcons and the Atlanta Braves, the Georgia Department of Public Health, and the Georgia Department of Education—all committed to improving the health of our young people by offering assistance and opportunity to achieve a greater level of overall fitness. The Dorsett Shoals Wellness Committee is currently overseeing three active initiatives at the school including a healthy snacking program, a program to increase physical activity during recess, and updating a school garden. The school garden will provide students with the unique opportunity to plant, observe, and grow their very own fruits and vegetables. The garden will also provide teachers with the opportunity to chart the growth of plants for math and science lessons. On Wednesday, February 11th 2015 the Dorsett Shoals Wellness Committee broke ground in the garden with the help of Douglas County Farm Bureau Board Member Joey Rainwater. The Rainwater family is actively involved at Dorsett Shoals Elementary. Joey’s wife Lisa also serves on the Dorsett Shoals Wellness Committee.



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Resources:  The following links provide families with resources that can be used to improve healthy eating, increase physical activity, and raise awareness about the importance of wellness at school and at home.