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Dorsett Shoals F.I.T.T. Club

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Dorsett Shoals F.I.T.T. Club

I am excited to offer to all 3rd, 4th, and 5th Grade students the opportunity to improve their fitness while raising awareness to make healthier lifestyle choices in both nutrition and exercise. The premise of the FITT Club will be governed by the FITT Principle:

•F = Frequency or how often you should exercise

•I = Intensity or your Target Heart Rate Zone

•T = Time or how long you should maintain the intensity

•T = Type or choosing a variety of fitness activities that you enjoy

When: Every Wednesday starting August 24th- Grades 3-5 from 7:20 to 7:55 am or whenever you arrive

Where: with Coach Epstein and teacher/parent volunteers in the gym

What: Fitness activities that include flexibility, jump rope, stretch bands, squats, abdominals, bicep curls, push ups, shoulder raises, hula hooping, lunges, etc. We will do the same Fitness circuit every Wednesday.

Cost: FREE!!

NOTE: the main goal and focus of the FITT Club is to provide a fitness-based circuit designed to improve your child's fitness level. The FITT Club will be treated as an extracurricular club and all 3rd - 5th Grade students are welcome, but poor behavior or lack of participation can result in dismissal from this club. If your student eats breakfast at school they must eat breakfast before they report to F.I.T.T. Club.